Doshi and Pallasmaa: A conversation

The end of the talks by Doshi and Pallasmaa was followed by a conversation which was moderated by Kazi Khaleed Ashraf.

In this conversation, the topic of discussion was interpretational/methodological process, in relation to the purpose of drawing. The architects discuss the challenges and distinction between use of charcoal vs computational method. Juhani Pallasmaa said that drawing is the process of bringing imagination to life. He said that today’s way of life makes use of technology in a way that leads to loss of knowledge on environment.

Balkrishna Doshi mentioned that the nature and imagery of Dhaka city has disappeared from our minds. He said that we do not know what to prioritize in life and thus the city is losing its natural assets. He also reminisced about his experience of being in the Parliament House and shared his days of working in Louis Kahn’s office when the plans for the building were being developed.

সিম্পোজিয়ামের শেষ অংশে ছিল আলোচনা পর্ব। এতে কাজী খালিদ আশরাফ, ইউহানী পালাজমা ও বাল কৃষ্ণ দোসী  অংশ নেন।

Compiled by: Tazrin Ahmed and Farhana Rashid


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