Bengal Architecture Symposium-2


This event is free to attend, however, RSVP is Required, let us know if you are coming by any of these two options:
Option 1: Mark ‘Going’ on the Facebook Event Page
Option 2: Write to [email protected]

We might check your photo ID at the entry.
Please read all other Terms and Conditions:

1. The event is free to attend, however, RSVP is required by marking ‘Going’ to the Facebook Event or by sending an email to [email protected]
2. We might check photo ID at the entry.
3. We reserve the right to reject anyone’s entry, or remove anyone from the event premises without showing any reason.
4. Professional cameras and recorders are not allowed.
5. You can take photographs using cell phones (without flash).
6. Reserving seats by leaving any object behind during the breaks is prohibited. You will sit as first come first serve basis.
7. Security personnel will run standard security screening before entry and may deny entry or confiscate prohibited items. We do not have any storage to keep these items.
8. The entire venue and event will be a non-smoking area.

If you have any question, you may call +8809666773311, +8801844050599